Cloggeroo hosts a private campground, located within the community of Georgetown. Licensed, with 24/7 security, portable showers (with solar heated water), portable toilets, washing stations, and a free supply of fresh drinking water.

There is the usual late night party area – and an adjacent “quiet-er” area. Campers say there’s such a positive energy and vibe happening that sometimes it’s an effort to leave and get down to the tent. Residents have marvelled at the state of the campground at the end of the weekend – with all trash picked up, bagged and neatly placed near each campsite market for volunteers to collect.

Book a Campsite

Camping sites are booked through Showpass

You must purchase a Cloggeroo ticket before you are able to book a campsite

$50 + tax fee per site – not per person, share your site and save!

When you book a site online, you will recive one pass that can be scanned up to 8 times. Simply share it with the people you’ll be sharing a site with!

Each site is 25’ x 25′ and can accommodate up to 2 vans/campers or 4 tents

Silent Disco

Those who wish to join the silent disco use special headphones to hear the music and dance in a large designated tent with others listening through headphones to the same music – without any noise coming from the tent.

Sponsored by Upstreet and Red Island Cidery, with additional sponsorship from Folly Fest, silent disco dances are held on Friday and Saturday night. DJ’s performed and the “silent” dance party has the additional effect of creating a quiet night for those who want to sleep.

Camping FAQs