Got questions? We’ve got answers. Read on…


Is camping available for the festival?

  • Cloggeroo camping will be available in Georgetown again in 2019 for those with an event ticket or a pass for the night of camping (e.g., Friday night ticket for Friday night camping, full day Saturday pass for Saturday night camping, etc)

  • All campers must be registered, and a camping wristband must be worn at all times. This is due to our insurance agreement. Security will be checking. We really appreciate your cooperation with this!


Is there a fee for camping?

  • Yes. The exact fee will be determined closer to the festival dates, and is adjusted each year to help defray the costs of security, lights, portable toilets, sinks, insurance, shuttle vans, etc.


How many people can stay in one campsite?

  • Provincial regulations state that each campsite may have a maximum of four tents OR a maximum of two vans/campers.


How big is each campsite?

  • Each site is 25 x 25 feet. Each site is numbered, and defined by a numbered stake with solar lighting.


Are there port-a-potties or other services available at the campground?

  • There will be portable toilets, portable solar-heated showers, hand washing stations, and potable water available at the campground for all campers!

  • There will NOT be electricity or other RV hook-ups at the campsites themselves. Unless you count the electric vibes all you music lovers are going to be spreading…


Will I be guaranteed access to camping? Do I need to book in advance?

  • We have a limited number of campsites, and so access to camping will be on a first come, first served basis. If sites are still available when you arrive in Georgetown at the start of the festival, you can still get a spot – but we can’t guarantee this. Just to be sure, we recommend reserving a campsite in advance!


How do I reserve a campsite?

  • You can reserve a campsite by following the simple steps under the “Camping” tab on our website. Keep in mind that campsite reservation is only for those who have already purchased a ticket.


What do I do when I get to Georgetown? How do I get my Cloggeroo Camping wristband? How do I know which site to go to?

  • Great questions. When you arrive in Georgetown, go to the main ticket booth at the Waterfront Stage to have your ticket scanned and get your festival wristband. At the same booth, you’ll be able to pay and get your camping wristband. You can then head down to the campground and set up your home base! You’ll know your site by the numbered stakes in the ground.


When can I set up my campsite?

  • The campground opens at noon on Friday for those registered to camp for that night or for the full weekend. For those who are only camping on Saturday, registration and set up are available starting at 10 a.m. each day.


What should I bring?

  • Your tent, camp chairs, something for shade and/or rain protection (you never know!), coolers for your food and beverages, acoustic instruments or small iPod speakers (no loud amplified music – sorry!), earplugs and eye masks for sleeping in, plenty of water and a refillable water bottle (there will also be potable water available at the campground), a bathing suit and towel (Georgetown has great beaches!), flashlights to get around and solar lights to decorate your campsite, bug spray and sunscreen, your dancing shoes, and a good, friendly attitude!


Is there anything I should NOT bring?

  • Glass (no glass containers allowed) – instead, use cans, plastic bottles, reusable aluminum containers, etc!

  • Fire (no open fires allowed). Propane camp stoves are permitted.

  • Pets (no pets allowed in the campground or on the festival grounds).

  • Anything illegal (as per usual) – security will be on site.


So, there will be security at the campground?

  • Yes, professional security will be at the campground throughout the weekend for the safety of campers. However, Cloggeroo camping is at your own risk; Cloggeroo is not responsible for any damage to any of your camping gear or other property.


Can I bring my kids to camp with me in the campground?

  • Absolutely! We love kids too. We’ve set aside a section of the campground that is designated as quiet(er) camping. It’s the section with the purple numbers in the campground site map. Unfortunately, we can NOT guarantee how quiet it will be here, but everyone camping in this area must follow the 9 pm noise curfew. Plus, the nice thick tree line separating this area from the rest of the camping should considerably soften any noise. And, bonus: kids 12 and under camp for free!


Can I park right beside my tent, at my campsite?

  • Unfortunately, no. There is a designated parking lot adjacent to the camping field. We want to keep a safe, relaxing atmosphere where people don’t need to worry about traffic – cars will not be allowed to drive in.


But my vehicle is a camper van – I sleep in there! Can’t I bring it in?

  • Yes – campers are allowed in the campground! However, camping vehicles must be parked for the full duration of camping. If you are only registered to camp for one night, then you can leave the next day, as the case may be – but that will be the only vehicle traffic allowed in the camping area during the weekend. We want a safe, relaxing campground – not a high traffic zone! Once again, we really appreciate your cooperation with this.


How far is it from the campground to the stage?

  • It’s 1.8 km, so, about a 20 minute walk from the campground to the Waterfront Stage.

  • If you’re driving, it’s about 5 minutes.

  • There WILL be a Cloggeroo shuttle that will make regular round trips between the campground, the main stage, and various other spots in Georgetown. You can hop on the Cloggeroo shuttle if you’d prefer to leave your car parked at the campground (highly recommended!) and you don’t feel like walking. The shuttle service is for Cloggeroo festival bracelet wearers and is free of charge!


Can I invite other people back to my campsite?

  • Unfortunately, no. Due to safety and security concerns, and the provisions of our camping license, only those people with a Cloggeroo Camping bracelet will be allowed into the secure campground site. Tell your friends to buy a pass and register to camp, and you can be together all weekend!