Waterfront Stage


Cloggeroo’s main stage is right in Georgetown’s pristine West Street Park (Site Map below). The Waterfront Stage is surrounded by a sprawling lawn that stretches along the beautiful Brudenell River, where you can take in the majestic sunsets and listen to the sound of the waves washing along the shore. You can even stroll down to the beach for a dip between sets. To feel right at home at the Waterfront Stage, bring a lawn chair or blanket – or just plan on dancing!


All music (with the exception of the free show on the beach on Saturday 5-6pm) will take place at the Waterfront Stage. And because we love you all so much, the stage and bar areas are conveniently protected by a glamorous big top tent! Rain or shine, you’ll have a dry, shaded spot all weekend long to take in some of the best music from across Canada. Don’t worry – we have plenty of space available around the tent for basking in the August sunshine, and we make sure there’s still a wide-open view of that sparkling Brudenell River.

The Waterfront Stage is within walking distance of all of Georgetown’s amenities – accommodations, the boat docks, the local convenience store, and restaurants and cafés. However, if your feet are too tired from dancing, the Cloggeroo Shuttle Vans (free to all ticket holders) will be making their regular rounds to get you safely around town all weekend long.

Food and merchandise vendors are on site right inside the gates, as well as a licensed bar area for 19+. There’s basically no reason to ever leave. Consider yourself a Cloggeroo lifer!


2019 Cloggeroo Site Map (PDF for printing)